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    Are your potty-training kids wearing disposable pull-ups?

    Two moms had requested that I let their kids wear regular underwear while potty-training. These kids have had accidents, and have to be reminded (or even told) to go to the washroom. Moms say that they're fully trained at home, and that wearing pull-up could be making these kids think that it's okay to not use the washroom.

    Your opinion? Thanks.

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    Yes. Mom's are right but, they must do it st their home the daycare is not a good place to test if undies are efficient at potty training (obviously, hygienic reasons and you have more than one child to care for ).

    You can ask them to work with you. Ex. Ask them during their holidays or their own vac. Time to keep them in undies 100% and when they return the first day you'll see if they do have accidents then it means they aren't trained so, they keep wearing pull ups.

    I usually start the potty training here. It starts at a very young age parents just get surprised with kids asking to use the potty;0)

    I never asked for pull ups or any other aid to train them. Just on my own time, encouragement and routine. When I have older kids coming not potty trained then I leave the responsibility of starting to parents and I just follow their lead but in pull ups (ex. Kid needs reminders, I'll do it no problem) if in a week haven't had accidents in their pull ups then I change it to undies and keep with reminders for another week and usually by then they're trained.

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    Policies vary so much on this. Partly due to provider's preference. In day care we do have to consider the hygiene issues that at home are less of an issue since there are fewer children.

    That said - I require real underwear from Day one. I've just finished toilet training my 30+ child and in 2 weeks, age just 2, she is fully trained and hasn't had an accident here or at home since day 3 of training.

    There are a few requirements I have before starting such as the child must be competent at undressing and dressing their lower half but I normally start the first business day after their 2nd birthday and that's proven to be fully effective for me. Only once did I have a child not fully trained in 2 week and we later discovered that grandparent who picked up from day care and kept child until parent finished work at 8pm, was putting her in a diaper as soon as she left here.

    I do require diapers still for nap time and continue to use them strictly for nap time only until dry for 2 weeks. And I do require parent to start at home, the weekend before, and fully commit to my process. This helps them to understand what is required but shows me they are committed to doing it just as much as I am. Two days commitment from them and I'm happy to pick up the baton and see it through.

    You decide on what works for you - your day home, your policy. That said, having these policies documented will always leave you in a stronger position. While I am open to client requests, I have also learned to be really clear that in my home, I have the ultimate say.

    How old are these children you are referring to?
    Are they able to dress and undress their lower body independently?
    When they have an accident, other than cleaning up the child, do you leave them to find clean clothing and redress?

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    I was wearing cloth training pants just by itself! Due to that I can was terrified peeing naked and inside pants which I’d see my pee! While I got a crush peeing inside my cloth training pants which I’d just feel my pee and my cloth training pants covers my pee! That’s why I why I walked into daycare peeing inside my cloth training pants which no one even myself saw that I ever peed!
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