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    Childcare during daycare holidays (Montreal)

    Our garderie here in Montreal is closed for two weeks in July. Normally my wife and I take holidays at the same time and travel with the kids. However, this year, due to my mother-in-law’s health, we may need to reschedule our trip for later in the year. In order to maintain our leave, we’d therefore need to find someone to look after the kids while the garderie is closed. What options are available?

    For example, are there sites for parents who wish to share the cost of a full time nanny? Alternatively are there “drop-in” garderies or home daycares which offer short term minding services?

    Many thanks/Merci
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    Quebec's child care is very different than any other province so as to if the service of short term care is even offered, that might require a Quebec provider's answer.

    I can tell you that *I* and many provider's will not consider such a short term placement in our day homes. Transitioning a new child is the most disruptive element of home based care. It requires a lot of attention to be on the new child while they adjust to a new routine, environment, carer and peers. While most parents accept this is part of being in a day home, it's normally because there is the expectation that the placement will be long term and therefore attention away from the core group is an investment for the group gelling for the future. I wouldn't risk offending my long term clients - or my own sanity - to transition a new child for 2 weeks.

    With regards to a Nanny share, please be aware that this often makes you an employer and so you are liable for Labour Standards and provincial regulations that surround this. Essentially if you decide someone's hours of care, location of work, tasks to perform, that's the criteria CRA consider determines you are an employer/employee relationship. Vs a self-employed person (day home provider) who sets their own hours of business, location of business and the tasks undertaken during the day. You might want to check into the implications of Nanny share.

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