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Thread: Sandbox Sand

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    Sandbox Sand

    Just wondering if anyone has rules surrounding keeping sand in the sand table or box, or if you allow kids to spread it anywhere they want to in the outdoor area? I have water/sand table they use but lately they have been wanting to take handfuls and sprinkling the backyard toys/play structures with sand. I don't mind refilling the table with sand again, but they are putting it on the slides, swings, see saw etc.... should I just let them have total freedom and only apply the rule of no throwing the sand? I also want to bring in a sensory bin filled with natural mulch... not sure I want that spread everywhere but kids will be kids. Eventually it does clean off with wind/rain, and I broom it off after the kids are gone. Is there sand etiquette lol ? tx!

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    Hi. It really depends on your philosophy or your purpose of the use of the sand (ex. Is it support creativity, is it support pretend play or is it just to explore it as a texture or are you using it to develop a cooperative play, etc)

    I used to have a big sand box. Obviously children loved it but because it was big and it was a good investment I had to keep that sand always in the box and we'll covered when finished playing. (I had invested in also mixing that sand with scinamoon powder avoiding any kind of worms or little critters), I changed the play tools frecuently ex. Farm animals, shovels and buckets, boxes to fill, baking ware etc. It was allowed to mix with water etc. And also ended adding sparkle. Our sand box was magical.

    Children learned quick the only rule to use it, it was "to keep it in the sand box".

    But I also learned that sand travelled everywhere, my just refinished hard wood floors started to show scratches etc. So, I decided to get rid of the big box and bought a sensory table kept outdoors with a lid. We used it but I rotate the contents of that table.

    Anyway, we go everyday to parks and my group can do anything with the parks sand I just take a jug with water and mix some wet sand for them to play with. Currently I just change their clothes all at the door, put on pajamas and no more sand on my floors.

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    Sand stays in the sand box.

    We spent a small fortune on sand (20 bags of sand at 20kg each). I don't care to spend more to keep refilling it. Also the sand ends up killing the grass when they move it around and bury the grass elsewhere.

    I am all for exploratory play etc...but it is costly and just not really acceptable to be covering everything in sand.

    We cover the sand box in a tight mesh cover that lets it air out but prevents cat's from using it as a litter box (we have wild rabbits and ground hogs in our yard plus a handful of nlrandom neighbors hpuse cats that seem to like our yard. I am obsessive about keeping critters out of the sand box.

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    I hate sand and a don't have it. For me, it's a sensory play activity and there alternative which save the house looking like a beach cottage.

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