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Thread: Child absence

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    Child absence

    Do you require a reason for a childís absence?
    When I worked in a centre, we had to record the reason ie. illness/appointment/vacation etc.
    If a parent is evasive about the absence, would you be concerned?
    I always record absence reasons in case Iím called into court for any reason( as I learned from being in a centre)
    Just curious....

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    Nope. I just had a child away for the last two days. I got a text each day saying he wouldn't be here that day. no reason why.

    when he arrived today they explained why he was away. If they hadn't I wouldn't have asked unless his appearance was off (looked sick etc). They have the right to personal days just like the rest of us. It is always nice to know. I just make them down as "away" even when they give a reason.

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    I don't require a reason either. If I get generic message, I've been known to respond asking if a child is ill but I don't actually require a reason.

    I am not a licensed day home - I know licensed day homes here must record reasons for absence because a subsidy placement is only permitted a certain number of vacation/personal days each year to keep their funded space.

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    Hi. I used to work in a centre too. And yes I manage my dacare as a little centre.

    Fortunately, I keep really good communication with parents. They usually tell me everything. And I just record as a remainder of why the child was out. Ex. S. Child had a playdates in his house didn't come. Etc.

    As we are familiar with communicable deseases sometimes a child couldn't have slept well and parents bring them the second day thinking all is right. But it is helpful having records it just makes easy to track it when a deseases might have started, so we know what to expect next

    There are many, many reasons even maybe looking for other childcare arrangements. But I just explain to them, if there is a suspicion of a disease it helps to know, if there is a visitor or if mom is staying at home etc it just helps to know because children know they sense it and some behaviours also show it it is best to know so we can help them or guide them appropriately.

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