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    Thinking about starting up again...

    I ran a home daycare for a couple years about 5 years ago. It was very up and down lots of good experiences and lots of bad. I took time off when my son was born and haven't started back up as he was diagnosed with special needs and severe food allergies and it was just never the right time. During this time period I went back to school to complete my ECE and I will be finished it this year. It has helped me immensely in understanding how to manage a home daycare and how to teach and guide the children.
    My issue is the previous experiences I have had with a family who I still see every day picking my kids up from school. They were my first clients and it didn't end well. Their son was very unruly and I had really no way to manage his behaviours at the time. The mom told me when he acts up at home the dad spanked him on his bare bum until he cried and turned red. I thought that was pretty upsetting but I know some people speak so I didn't want to judge. They withdrew a little while after and I was very relieved. They know a lot of people in our small town and I'm worried they have maybe ruined my reputation. I don't see how I could start up again knowing I will be seeing these people all the time and doing daycare but at the same time I don't see how I could go back to working a job with my son's needs. Any advice?

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    Hi. I'm sure it is hard decision to make. But, time has passed and you had a proffesional growth.

    Don't let one insident of many years so stop you. It is your life, now that you're an Ece:0) you know that also that family wasn't guiding properly their child.

    Excesive spanking (it is considered child abuse), now that you're ece. You do understand that perhaps that child had other needs or a proper guidance and certainly spanking wasn't the solution (haven't you seen any behavior improvement, have you?) Anyway that is the past. What counts now is your present and your future.

    You can always say that since your last opening you decided to prepare yourself professionaly to guide children and their families.

    I have a friend who had almost the same situation as you with special needs so, she decided to advertise for special needs children she got a group of three charged accordingly and programmed accordingly. She did very well, that kind of opened another field within our field. Now she works with both. I usually refer to her clients that need these services.;0)

    Try to start small then you grow. Having an Ece diploma definitely helps. Become Registered Early Childhood Educators and you'll also have a better credibility through the college of Ece's. They have a registry parents can check it out it basically helds you accountable as a proffesional in the field.

    I hope it helps. Don't worry about the past you have now a new career and you are ready to start a new and better program. Don't keep any resentments, if posible and if you have opportunity try to talk to that child's family when they're in the school start with a Hi. And that's it.

    I hope it helps.

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