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    Formula - mix or send prepared?

    I am fairly new to childcare, I started my home daycare last year. I've just taken on a 9-month-old for casual care, and this is the first time I've cared for a child under 1 (besides my own children). Both of my kids were breastfed but this child is on formula, & I was kind of unprepared when he came for the first time - they sent a tub of formula & 1 bottle, which looked like it had just been rinsed out (not cleaned/sterilized). So I had him 7 hours, & prepared 3 bottles, cleaning & then sterilizing the one bottle 3 times. My question is - is it normal that daycare providers would mix the formula & wash/sterilize the bottle? I want to ask for them to send the 3 bottles already prepared so I can store in my fridge until needed, or at the very least send 3 already-sterilized bottles so I can just mix up the formula. Is that asking too much? I don't have experience with this, so I'm not sure.

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    After 6months wash with soap and water, no need to sterilize.

    Formula is only good a short period after being mixed. So it is best to mix as you serve. Just use the acoop for powder and use room temp water.

    When I did bottles here I had the family leave me a big jug (with a push button spout) of distilled water. It was room temp and just a matter of pushing the button to fill the bottle then dumping the scoops of powder and shaking in the bottle.

    Tap water is fine if space is an issue. It will be short term ad babe moves to solids.

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    Decide what you prefer. I don't mind making up bottles so I'm okay with them sending one bottle and a can of formula. When I first opened, I used to ask parents with bottle fed infants to just send the appropriate number of bottles, with the water premeasured in each bottle and I would just add the scoops of formula. Totally up to you.

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    I don't think I sterilized bottles for my little ones after 6 months, but I asked the dad and he said he still sterilizes everything (so I feel like I should be too if that's their preference, even though it seems a little pointless).

    The jug of water is a great idea, however right now I'm just looking after him casually/infrequently so I probably wouldn't bother.

    Thank you for the reply! Much appreciated

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    Thank you for the reply! I just wasn't sure if I'm asking too much if I request them pre-made or at least premeasured - wasn't sure what was typical.

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