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    To Register or Not to Register...

    Hi Ladies,
    I will be opening a home daycare in about a month, I am located in Ontario. I have been in contact with my local agency and am playing the waiting game but haven't even had an interview yet. I am becoming increasingly anxious. My maternity leave ends August 7th. It seems like there is a lot of red tape to get through to Register for example; interview, background check, fire department inspection and a business license would still be required to Register.

    At this point should I just go ahead and do an unregistered daycare?
    If I do unregistered should I get a background check and business license?
    I'm worried about waiting too long for the agency....
    Any advice would be great

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    You do not need a business license but having police check and CPR/First Aid is strongly recommended. I too tried to start out with an agency. But the process took so long that I had 2 of my own private clients before the agency got back to me for the next steps. In the end I never did work with the agency and it all worked out for me.
    I would say go ahead and advertise your spots and see what happens.

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    Thanks, that's what I'm you going to do. At least then I can stop worrying about it

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    Hi. I'm surprised. Is the agency asking a business license?

    Anyway, you can go ahead don't loose time waiting for the agency to fill your spots. Go ahead as "unlicensed", check the post in this site and make your own. And yes, you do need police police check and first aid cpr (personally I world strongly recommend showing it to parents during interviews without them even asking for it); find your local community centre and find workshops for new moms or caregivers and solely you start building up your professional portfolio. Ex. Nutrition, activities for different ages, child development, behavior guidance etc. (Those usually are short and interesting workshops, most of them give you a participation certificates having also few of those also helps when new parents look for childcare).

    Start working on your very own contract that also should say that you are not licensed. (But, if you've made the application is even better, it helps also parents to make a decision);

    Baby spots are usually easy to fill. Remember to follow the ontario regulations for homedaycares, only two under two (including your own) and no more than 5 kids in total if you're private and six if you have a license through an agency.

    Good luck! And keep us updated.

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    Will the agency allow you to also take on private clients? If so, and if you really want to stay with the agency, find some private clients to help you get started. If you can't have private clients I would leave that agency. You can always look into another agency that will allow you to also have private clients. NEVER rely on any agency to help fill you up.

    Remember it can take one to five years for you to be known and become full. With the new laws it can be very hard to get full and with alot of parents wanting preschool its can be very hard to stay full.

    Business License - you don't require one. I got one because I am in it for the long haul and I feel it makes me look more professional. (if you want to run a business, do it right). But at the end of the day it is up to you to decide if you want one or not.

    Police checks - personally I think they are a waste of money, that being said yes I have one, so does my husband and my mother who comes over now and then during daycare hours.
    If I was to voluntary or work with kids elsewhere I would have to have one. So again if your going to do the business do it right (professional).

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    Thanks for your replies ladies...
    To become registered the agency doesn't require the business license but our city.
    I am going to go ahead with unregistered and post an ad today. I feel like the agency is in no rush and I really need to get the ball rolling.

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