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    Tantrums and vomiting

    Iím curious to hear if anyone has had issues with a child working themselves up so much during a meltdown that they vomit.
    This child is an older toddler, but meltdowns and tantrums can come from separation anxiety/ sharing/ and unknown reasons. The issue is that itís full out vomiting at least twice a day. We have visual schedules and verbal songs to warn of transitions etc and the chid gets comforted verbally and physically, and has a quiet area with bean bag chair and books etc to help calm down. There seems to be various reasons for the meltdowns. I realize the child almost 2, so coping skills may not be great, but Iíve never had one that vomits multiple times a day when upset.
    Any strategies?
    Do you send a child home who vomits multiple times a day due to distress?
    Iíve got another infant to care for as well as 3 preschool kids, and itís difficult to deal with all of this and the other daycare kids too.
    Suggestions please?!!

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    I've not had a child vomit due to melt down - that takes it to a new level and a lot of clean up for you. Does this happen at home too? Is this new behavior? That would be very stressful to deal with.

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    I've not had this but yes, here they would be sent home based on PH guidelines for sickness. Unfortunately, it's symptom based so even if a provider is sure the reasons for vomiting are unconnected to illness, the fact that there's a slim chance it could be, we would send home.

    I'm not sure I'd be willing to continue caring for a child who did this daily. The clean up alone would be enough for me to say no more.

    I'd be interested too if this happens at home if one parent or other leaves.

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    I have no help. I interviewed a family. They had an 18month old that they still nursed to sleep. They noted concern about his being able to nap here. And then they noted when he cries he gets upset and throws up.

    I opted to wait for a family suited for daycare. The family may have been great. The kid may have been great but they hadnt prepped him for group care (going for nap without being nursed to sleep) and knowing he was prone to throwing up when upset was just not something I could take on.

    If he is throwing up multiple times a day then ypu just need to figure out if this child is suited for your group. Can you manage the clean up long term. I don't know that there is an easy solution. But know many caregivers would terminate due to the impacts of frequent vomiting :-(

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    Yes I have experience with this, although not as extreme as your situation.

    My almost 2 year old had separation anxiety when starting here, and would meltdown completely during lunch. Child cried so hard, would spit up/vomit at the table. Luckily never a large amount and always onto a plastic bib. I learned to anticipate it and be standing by so I can clean it up quickly.
    Although I have a policy regarding vomiting, I never sent child home as I was confident it wasn't due to illness, just intense crying and anxiety. But I would always keep mom informed as it happened, indicating I may ask for pickup if necessary.
    As the child adjusted to daycare it happened less and less. I think it was only a couple of weeks before it stopped and hasn't done so since which was a huge relief!
    How long has this been going on for you?

    My situation turned out ok but not sure I would have been able to continue if it went on longer.

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