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    Parent requesting ID

    This is regarding a new potential client for september

    Interview went great, mother dropped off signed contract and all was set to start in september, I showed her police record check, cpr and first aid certificates during the interview.

    This was 2 weeks ago.

    Today she contacted me asking for a copy of two pieces of ID of mine...

    I understand a parents concern and want to confirm who I am but I think this is a little much. Perhaps to just see the ID but she has seen other documents with my name so I think it may be a little much. No one has ever asked me for this info before.

    Ever had a parent ask for a copy of your ID? I am unsure of what measure to take...

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    Wow!!! That's strange!! Never had a case like that. To be honest I think you have all the rights to refuse it. Ex. I have all professional profile in a binder (certifications, insurance, police check etc. Etc.) The binder stays very visual on a shelf. I always tell them to give a look if they need to at any time. I have included a copy of my drivers license.

    And give them enough past client references. So, they dont have any doubt. Few times parents needed to check to write properly my name or address etc(if I'm too busy). I have a board. Where I post copies of main certificates and also they can check it out in the main page of the Ece's registry in Ontario. If I have any faults or penalties etc. Fortunately I do not have fb. (It was more things to keep it up in my view), but also I've heard parents searching on fb accounts to see who is taking care of their child etc. Reason for many teachers to keep it really hiden, disguised or have more accounts (I'm not sure it is not my thing anyway).

    You can show your Id. And they can confirm for sure that you're the person that they're dealing with on the spot. You can also show your certifications ex. 1st aid cpr, police check etc. Bit don't give a copy of your Id. (It seems very suspicious ).

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    I've heard of this before but never experienced it.

    I'd ask her outright, why she wants it. She's not your employer. She knows where you live and what your name is. Maybe someone has advised her to ask for it and she has no idea what she'd need it for but has asked anyway.

    I wouldn't provide it. But I'd ask the question. If she's insistent or if her reasons are alarming, then I'd just take that as a red flag and let her know that this isn't going to be a good fit.

    Ask her for ID herself and a police check since she's coming into your home on a daily basis.

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    I would say I am not comfortable with having people having a physical copy of such information. That she is welcome to see the ID. that she knows where you live, can confirm by looking at your ID That you are who you say you are and she has seen a police check. After that she just needs to trust her gut.

    If she had any concerns later on she knows where you live. Having copies of ID Is of no benefit to her what so ever.

    It was likely just a comment made by someone that made her think she should be asking for that. could have been a grandparent that said something to unnerve her about not even knowing who will care for her child etc. Doesnt mean she will be a difficult client (time will tell :-( )

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    It’s one thing to show your ID and certificates, and it’s another for them to have copies of it. I wouldn’t be comfortable with that.
    In Ontario I belong to the College of ECEs, so they can look me up by name or registration number.
    I have never been asked for ID, only to see my certifications and police checks etc. A few have checked my ECE registration status.
    I would say they could see my ID but not have copies of it.

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    Nope they are not allowed copies of my ID or police check. They can view my police check at my daycare only. There is no need for them to see my ID as my police check has all the information they need.

    My ID and police checks have personal information that can be used in identity theft. I have been asked for copies, and have said: "unless you plan on stealing my identity there is no need for you to have copies. You are welcome to view my police check here at the daycare, but you are not entitled to a copy."

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