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Thread: Hives

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    If you had a daycare child develop hives with a few minutes of meal time( no diagnosed allergy) would you send them home immediately and ask for the child to be seen by a doctor? There were no issues with breathing or mouth swelling/ vomiting etc, just hives welts on skin.
    Please advise as to what your hives protocol is.

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    Hi. I had those cases. If it seems that doesn't affect them then I just make sure to take a picture, write an observation form indicating the foods the child has eaten the reaction (including behavior) the approx. Length it lasted and pass this information to parents. It is up to them ( and I recommend ) to try it again or mention it to their pediatrician (making easy for them to diagnose if it is a food sensitivity or allergies).

    In mother of the cases I saw children react with hives to acidic food such as: tomatoes, strawberries range juice etc.

    I hope it helps.

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    I had a child years ago develop hives shortly after our lunch. I didn't send her home as no other symptoms, I just let mom know what was eaten. I'm embarrassed to admit, I had served white cheddar that I didn't realize in my rushing, had a sprinkle of white mold on it and caused child to hive. I only realized it in evening when I took out the cheese for dinner and noticed it then. I admitted to mother who didn't mind. No hives again after that. But if they persist or become huge welts which also happened to a child I had (who ended up having a nut allergy), I'd ask for allergy testing.

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