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Thread: Homework

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    How do you work homework for older ones?

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    Hi. It really depends in the family and the child. I have worked with schoolers and my main focus was to help them with their homework but, to work in a homedaycare with infants, toddlers and school age it becomes challenging if you have to also do or help with homework, especially if the school ages stay only for a short period of time (I had some arriving basically hungry and spend at least 30 minutes eating) and then relax play (which releases their stress) and finally sit and get started with homework (if it is not too much ovbiously).

    I coordinate with parents, they must help them with homework or extra practice work (such as reading, writting etc)I'm very clear in telling them that I'm not a tutor and their child needs help from them too.

    I basically can guide and suggest ways to start the process, and online websites that supports parents, to create good habits of doing homework from the beginning of the school year.

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    I don't take school age children but if I did, homework would not be part of our curriculum. When children get off school at the end of the day, just like when parents get off work, the last thing they want to do is carry on again in a different location. Children need an opportunity to recharge mentally and for some respite.
    One of the biggest threats to the health of people these days is the balance of stress, sleep, diet and relaxing. While most people can cope without these 4 main stays as being less than perfect, they do need to get the balance right. Attending school and then headed to after school care to continue with school work, doesn't teach children that it's important to step away each day and take some time for enjoyment. It's not reasonable to expect a child 12 years and under, to work on academia from school opening to closing and again once they get to their after school program. Some play, social interaction and down time is more important and they can do the home work when they get home and parents are preparing supper.

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