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    Aggressive behaviour?

    Not sure if this is a issue or not. I have a little boy who came to me in April (only child). He's here about 10 hours...first one in, last to go. Now, he is 17 months old. He was a bit of a late walker, but now is very mobile, and he loves to cuddle. He just seem off to me, socially. I don't want to be all negative about him, he does follow instruction quite well. All I need to do is say "snack", and he's up next to his chair, or hold his diaper up and he's ready for a change. He even helps to clean up. But socially...He does not talk, not here, not with his grandmothers. He says mamma and dadda at home. He constantly whines. Even if I discipline another child, he starts to whine. He hits...all the time, grabs, kicks. He goes up to a child and pushes them, then sits on them. Several times, he would walk up to a child who would be sitting on the floor and just sit on them. When I get him from his nap, he just lays in his crib looking at me. I hold my arms out to see if he'll get up, and he just lays there....waiting for me to reach down and get him. His parents and I are on the same page for the aggressive behaviour which helps. The father though, says some jabbing comments at times (claiming "he never does that when their friends kids are over", or "maybe he's bored") I've been doing daycare for 14 years, had all types, but this is a first for me. Is it attention seeking? Could really use some help here Thanks!

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    I’d document the heck out of it and suggest seeing a pedi for a speech eval etc. when kids can’t communicate they often get frustrated.

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    Hi Elly, at 17 months still a bit too early to diagnose any language delays unless they're others phisical very obvious to see.

    I'm surprised thought to heard that he kicks at that age does he kicks standing up alone? (Balance on one foot isn't present yet at that age perhaps he's more developed in that area)

    Agressive behaviour usually happens for a reason, try to shadow him and observe, when I was working in a centre we will write our observations and then decide what to do. Obviously infants and toddlers just needed redirection and role modeling, older toddlers some redirection and consequence, preschoolers (because they comprehend more it was action and inmediate consequence).

    I'm most of the cases they all behaved well because we used to role model a lot.

    At 17 months he still developing his language skills and this development is also tricky to tell language skills develop as receptive (being able to listen to understand and follow directions, and expressive (being able to verbalize using thonge and mouth muscles); at 17 months if he's able to listen to his name and recognize few object names he is fine meaning he can hear and recognize (but cannot produce words yet); the oral expression still developing (obviously we cannot judge based on others kids which language skills and comprenhencion skills being higher, they all develop at different rates)

    I find boys usually take a bit more time to talk than girls.

    Sing easy songs with them with a lot repetitions that helps loosing their thonge muscle and also read a lot label picture books so his vocabulary can increase.

    Find an exesaucer as soon as he miss behaves either you redirect him or place him in his saucer he will understand.

    I have worked with parents that were really worried about a child's verbal skills (their pediatrician had higher expectations) we exercised a lot etc. That child is 8yo and normal and chatty;0)

    I got little boys rejected from other homedaycares (misbehavior cases); they all learned (love, patience and supporting parents helped a lot).

    As a care provider my basic function is to support and help parents and if any of the above seemed not working then i would talk to parents. (In 20 years I had just referred one child to a speech pathologist, the child came in my care around 3 y/o, had gone through 4 caregivers and Noone detected he wasn't developing his expressive language skills but, everyone complained he was aggressive, the poor parents were almost on their kness asking me to take him in, I did and we worked hard now he's a handsome 18 y/o, a very humble and sweet soul, I learned a lot from him;0) until now parents are really grateful.

    Elly, you have 14 years of experience under your belt, I'm sure you can help him out. I personally think times have changed a lot, kids are now some more pampered than others, it makes our jobs perhaps a bit challenging but, being patient and helping them out will pay off.

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    How is he now? Still the same?

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    Quote Originally Posted by morticia View Post
    How is he now? Still the same?
    Yes, there's not much change in his behaviour. Actually, his naps have become a struggle as well. He even starts to cry at the lunch table when I'm cleaning everything up because he knows his nap is just around the corner. The only saving grace is I have him separate from the others. It's an angry cry....instant rage. Not sure what's up.

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