Not sure if this is a issue or not. I have a little boy who came to me in April (only child). He's here about 10 hours...first one in, last to go. Now, he is 17 months old. He was a bit of a late walker, but now is very mobile, and he loves to cuddle. He just seem off to me, socially. I don't want to be all negative about him, he does follow instruction quite well. All I need to do is say "snack", and he's up next to his chair, or hold his diaper up and he's ready for a change. He even helps to clean up. But socially...He does not talk, not here, not with his grandmothers. He says mamma and dadda at home. He constantly whines. Even if I discipline another child, he starts to whine. He hits...all the time, grabs, kicks. He goes up to a child and pushes them, then sits on them. Several times, he would walk up to a child who would be sitting on the floor and just sit on them. When I get him from his nap, he just lays in his crib looking at me. I hold my arms out to see if he'll get up, and he just lays there....waiting for me to reach down and get him. His parents and I are on the same page for the aggressive behaviour which helps. The father though, says some jabbing comments at times (claiming "he never does that when their friends kids are over", or "maybe he's bored") I've been doing daycare for 14 years, had all types, but this is a first for me. Is it attention seeking? Could really use some help here Thanks!