Just thought I’d share my experience that happened yesterday. So I’ve had a part-time boy who I unfortunately had to terminate care for, because his parents had said part-time when we initially met but I come to find out as his start date gets closer that it’s more like a casual thing. His parents start cancelling dates they said they needed for, & I also learn he will only need care ONCE for November & ONCE for December. So I terminated his care, which was unfortunate because he was such a great, calm, & easy-going kid & I would’ve loved to have had him full-time. Where I live unlicensed providers can only have a max of 4 kids (including their own) & I needed that spot for full-time.

So yesterday during his pick up I had another parent come to give me a deposit to hold her spot until March next year & this parent (of the part-time Boy) decides he wants to “question” me on why I can’t just keep him on & does so quite loudly almost as if he’s doing it so the other parent will overhear the “conversation” to try to make me look bad. I repeatedly tell him that it’s because he’s too casual & I need that spot for full-time. “But if he’s only needing once in November why can’t you just keep him when you find another full-time?” It was making me very uncomfortable how he was trying to get me to run like an illegal daycare centre by being over my numbers. His wife used to run a home daycare & I’m wondering now if they ran illegally. He kept pushing it & I kept repeating myself. I was mortified that he was intentionally doing that because the other parent was here, & I had a feeling that was why he decided to become confrontational because I had seen him numerous times since I gave them notice & only then when she was here did he decide to question me. Once he left I then apologized to the other parent here to drop off a deposit & she told me she liked how I handled that & she also thought it was a little bothersome how he so casually wanted me to run over my legal allowed ratios. Needless to say, she still went ahead with her deposit