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    Enforcing a new policy

    How does it work enforcing a policy and it being retroactive?
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    can a policy be retroactive
    Yes as long as it was worded and made clear to them when the policy was introduced that their child was particularly affected by this policy change and that the prior incidents were putting them at Step two already.

    What you can't do is introduce a new policy and not tell a parent that their child's behavior means they are already in the midst of escalation of a new policy.

    Imagine if you had an issue with staff arriving late. In order to deter this issue, you introduced a new staffing policy where any employee who was late three times would lose their employment. When you implement that new policy, your staff would assume that going forward they couldn't be late three times. They wouldn't assume that historic instances would be applied to new policy unless they were specifically and clearly told that. If "Heather" had been late two times in her 4 year employment with you, she wouldn't know that one more instance of her being late would result in her not having a job! You'd be hard pushed to explain in a court that was reasonable unless you had laid it out to her clearly that this is how the new policy was being applied.
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    If it’s a new policy, then all parents need to sign a contract revision if it was not in their original contract. I don’t think you can make a new policy retroactive. The new policy would start now, and apply to any instances that occur after the signed contract revision.
    Just my take on it.

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