I am having a hard time reaching out to one of my childcare children. The child is 3 years old and is displaying major signs of developmental delays, including not being able to communicate verbally or with motions, being a late talker it is hard to understand anything the child tries to do. The child does not eat, except for 4-8 bites of starches everyday and drinks a bottle twice a day. The child is often dehydrated and for the last week has went 8-11 hours with zero pees or poops. The child does not follow any simple direction, like pick up your jacket, or put on your pants. A crying fit proceeds any direction, especially when it is meal time, then the tears really start flowing. There are other social and emotional issues that are concerning, but my main question is, how do you bring up these concerns to parents who do not seem to understand how their child acts? How do you as a provider spend the extra time with one child who needs more attention then you can give? Thanks for reading!