We would like to introduce ourselves to the Daycare Bear community as we are not used to being online. Our intent in posting this thread is to introduce ourselves and to gain feedback on the quantity and quality of negative experiences from parents searching for care. We recently opened up new full-time spots and during the meet-and-greet process, we have found out that there is an alarming amount of parents whose children have been abused, severely neglected, or died in their daycares -- both licensed and LNR. We want to know how many other parents have had similar experiences in Vancouver, because we have been asked to open additional spots in lieu of the current care crisis. If enough parents are interested, we will open additional spots both in the current school and sister school. Our teacher-to-child ratios are the lowest in the Lower Mainland at 1:4 maximum and we have done full-time care for the children of child protection social workers. We are not allowed to advertise in this section of the forum, so please refer to our proper listing in the Daycare Bear website for further information on the school.

Nice to meet you!

Ms. Lin & CADA Staff