Hi Fellow Daycare providers!

After running a full time daycare for 8 years eventually my children grew up and the need for providing only before/ after school care was primarily what was needed. I also live in a neighbourhood thatís hugely in demand for before and after school care.
The going rate is $25 a day for Monday-Friday and I have a contract in place that parents are to pay for all days that school is in session and stat holidays. The allowable amount of children is 5.

A child that I have had in my care since the age of two and is now aged 5 attending SK well her mom works shift work. She talked me into not doing a contract for before/ after care and based on her shift work we verbally agreed her daughter would come 3-5 days a week. I trusted her being that we had a good daycare relationship for the past 3 years. She sent me a schedule of care needed through the Christmas break as the children are out of school and I was preparing to have her daughter and other daycare children through the holidays. This mother then announced that her mother was coming from out of town and care would not be needed for 4 weeks!

I totally understand this is absolutely my fault for not having a contract and giving her every opportunity to take advantage of the situation. I was preparing for her and now she canceled and it turned some plans upside down. So I am asking your advice what would you do? How would you handle this moving forward? I appreciate your advice and support. Keep in mind they live on my street and I will have to cross paths with them often. Thanks