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    How Many References Do You Offer?

    Had interview last nite and today parents asking for 2 - 3 current references, plus 2 - 3 past references. I've actually only been giving out two references (one current and one lpast). All my reference contacts are uber busy ; especially the previous parents with work/school and extra-curriculars, I hate bothering them. I've actually had a few parents not even request references (which I don't recommend.) But so many? Isn"t it a bit much. I mean, I currently have 4 kids from different families - doesn't that speak for itself too? Do u have limit? Tx

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    I offer three but if they want more, no big deal. I never suggest current clients. The fact they are current shows there's no issues. I always offer past clients so they can ask why those client's left, ask about the program being consistent long term, phases their child has yet to reach and the amount of support the parent felt they had etc. I make sure to include at least one long term client whose child was fully verbal when they departed my day home - a 10 month old can't communicate the events of the day but a three year old up, will openly chat to their parents about the activities, food provided, who was present, if someone else came into the day home etc. It helps with transparency.
    I have clients old and new in a distribution list and any time I need a reference, I throw out a quick message asking if anyone is available and willing and they can confirm who is. That way, it's not the same people each time and they only have to put their name forward if it's convenient.

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    Had interview last nite and today parents asking for 2 - 3 current references, plus 2 - 3 past references
    You're right it seems too many.

    What I usually do during interviews it is to explain clearly that, they "prospective clients" need time to think and decide or visit more homes or other options to compare etc. after they come to the conclusion that my care suits them then we follow those steps:

    1. They can contact me and I can send a copy of my contract for their further perusal. Once that reading is agreed (further questions and answers, etc) no signatures yet. When they agree and the contract is clear for them. Then we move forward.

    2. Once I get a verbal agreement then I send two references (usually of long term standing families or families that their children are about to start the jk program). With the options to send potentially one more reference if needed or I invite them to come over at the end of a day work so they can meet the current families in my care. Usually by calling the first two references they have signed the contract and have it delivered with postdated checks.

    I always make clear that, I do respect my reference families and I have told them that I will use their reference only when a family is ready to commit. (Avoiding this way to bother them without serious interests).

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