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    Receipt Question for Taxes

    I provide physical biweekly receipts with each payment that is made, when it is made. My receipt includes the date monies were received, my signature, their name, the amount received, & what the receipt is for (childcare from X-X dates). I also provide invoices that have more detailed information about monies paid & also my information in the top corner. I have a parent who is wanting a year end tax receipt that basically details everything Iíve already provided throughout the months Iíve been caring for their child. Is what Iíve provided good enough, or am I required to provide this year end tax receipt that has everything sheís saying her tax person needs her receipts to include? Sheís also just messaged saying sheís still missing receipts from me ďthey havenít been in the bagĒ & sent a picture of only TWO of the ELEVEN receipts Iíve given when Iíve always placed them in the pockets of their diaper bag & I sent a picture of all of the carbon copies of the receipts Iíve given her. Thereís been times when Iíve put receipts in there & there was still 2 receipts from previous weeks still where I left them. I want to make sure Iím following CRA rules here but I also donít want to be typing out a year end receipt if I donít have to as they are very time consuming.

    Just to be clear, all parents have all of the information required from me to claim it on their taxes, but what sheís asking is for one single year end receipt that has all of the information they already have included on it.

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    Just got my final answer from an accountant!

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    I do one year end receipt to summarize it all.
    I used to do biweekly receipts, and similar to your client, they would lose them all the time.
    If I had already issued multiple receipts, I would stamp or write “duplicate” on the year end receipt.

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    Hi. I do yearly receipts. Personally I think BI weekly would be too much work. I use an acc. Software so every two weeks I just enter the amount paid and it automatically starts adding (also does my anual income spread sheet ready for my anual income tax) and transfers that inf. Into a receipt format for each client ready to print. So, when ever a child leaves (a month or 12 months) I just print it. And it's done. It has all my inf. So I only have to sign it. I always print three copies.

    1. For the client (Tittled original)
    2. For my records (in case of an audit I keep hard copies)
    3. For clients that lost or misplaced the original.(tittled Copy 2)

    So, when parents ask for a copy, it basically is ready;0).
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    I also do annual receipts for the same reasons - parents lose them, parents lose them and think they didn't get them, doing it once is less time consuming that 26 times a year. CRA are fine with annual receipts but they must be issued by end of February.

    I also tend to issue the final receipt if a child leaves mid year on their last day. But again, CRA says this can wait until end Feb too. It's up to you.

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