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    Quote Originally Posted by Busy ECE mommy View Post
    I would just word it as not being able to meet the child’s developmental needs.
    Thanks for this, I’m going to use this as my reason. Technically, it wouldn’t be a lie, as I’ve learned now that I don’t think I will be taking in anymore younger children. I’ve now realized my home daycare is more suited to older children.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peacefulbird View Post
    It could be only few months they got to arrange new care but, I'm sure they will find someone. It could also be a centre based at least you help them out for six months centres have open spots 18 months and up (younger ages is hard).

    If you're in Ontario (and I'm sure other provinces also have), search the "communicable diseases in schools and daycares",
    Although I always say I have a very easy point form contract, I make sure during my interviews to let parents know that I follow the province school and daycares protocols in regards of communicable diseases. I have facilitated the website so they can read any time and slso printed a copy for each one so they can guide themselves. This is followed by schools, that backs me up (so it doesnt feel, only me imposing general health practices)

    That basically helped me to support my daycare. I have structured the basic bases of my daycare and created tools for parents to guide them selves and or protocols to follow. And When their children go to school they're already familiar with it.

    Many think that a "homedaycare", it is like a grandmother house but they forget to realize that we care for more children and families and despite running in a home we need to follow regulations, nutritional, safety and health practices.
    I'm going to start doing this during interviews too, to refer them back to school and daycare protocols. I'll update my contract to also reflect. A mom texted me first thing this morning that child vomited breakfast but seemed fine otherwise (? They think if no fever then good to go) and could he come to daycare? I keep having to remind it's group care. It does not have to be combined with fever. She understood, and I'm glad she at least told me.

    Good luck this Friday OP !

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