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    Feeling Guilty About Upcoming Termination Notice

    I’m about to hand out my first termination notice next week, & I’m feeling very guilty about it. DCG has almost become a member of our family & we’ve come a long way with her. She started with me when she was 12 months, & she’s now 18 months. I have been having issues with mom since the very first week of her being in my care, things like not wanting to work with me, undermining my ability as a provider, & she has also blamed me for her poor sleeping patterns at home, even though she’s stated the day she started that her mom (DCG’s grandma) got her into a bad sleeping pattern of constantly wanting to be held & won’t sleep on her own anymore. Mom is constantly mentioning to me that she goes to sleep late, wakes up a lot throughout the night, & has a tone that suggests she’s thinking I’m the reason. She constantly gives in to her, as soon as she’s awake they bring her in their bed with them & give her a bottle. I’ve tried to have a conversation with her (very politely of course) about how this is affecting her ability to get a good rest here. She has told me that she likes when she doesn’t get a good rest because it means she’ll go to sleep easier tonight (she never actually does, because she runs the show at home). I’ve also tried talking to her about how her inability to get a good rest is interrupting the rest of the other children in my care, but she didn’t seem to understand that I can’t prioritize the needs of her child over the needs of my group. Two weeks ago on a Friday, DCG vomited in her nap very badly & I called mom to tell her she needs to be picked up ASAP & her response to me was “well if she’s not fevered & you cleaned her up then that’s all we can really do at this point. I can’t leave work until 4pm”, it was 1:30pm. Sure enough as I predicted, she ended up with the stomach flu & passed it onto my daughter & the other 2 children in my care & brought her back on Monday saying she was ok & told me her diarrhea was due to her food sensitivities. 3 other children in my care ended up having the exact same colour & type of diarrhea as DCG.

    We really love DCG, & this has been the only reason I haven’t terminated up to this point. Another large factor in this is that mom is 6 months pregnant & is planning on keeping her here full time after she gives birth, so I know my termination notice will really turn their world upside down. I know we shouldn’t get too attached, but I am losing sleep over this. I already have the spot filled for the beginning of March & the notice will be handed out next week. I’ve tried to just hang in there the last 6 months, but I don’t see it getting any better as it just keeps getting worse & worse. I’ve tried writing it off to pregnancy hormones, which could be, but I’ve even noticed a change of tone (the same tone mom gives me) in grandma towards me when she picks up DCG some days.

    In the notice do I include a reason for termination, or do I leave that out & just include that X date is her last day? I’ve never termed before, & I don’t really know how to proceed from here. Could any of you seasoned providers give me some words of encouragement & advice? Am I making the right choice? I know it would be best for my group, but I’m feeling guilty about the stress this is going to cause.
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