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    Opening a Daycare in London ON

    Hi i am in the process of opening my daycare in London Ontario and stumbled across these forums that have been extremely helpful.I am kind've nervous going into it because i'm not sure how i will be accepted by the community as a provider etc (i'm a visible minority).I have my own 4 year old and experience with childcare and elderly care but my formal education is in business.I have also been bouncing back and forth with the idea of becoming licensed through WeeWatch or London's Children Connection so i have been reading all the forums on here on those topics i haven't made a solid decision but i don't open until May.Hoping you guys can help guide me along here for my first couple of months.

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    Hi. I had a long reply but I wasn't able to post it for some reason.
    Anyway here goes in short point form some considerations.

    1. Become familiar with the new ontario regulations
    2. Search in this site and figure out the rates in your area
    3. Try to be truthful with yourself if, childcare is your passion (honestly, otherwise I do not see it succeesoul, and this is easy to find out, observe some providers in action and youll discover who really loves what she does and who doesn't, in my experience I can also tell you that parents also observe that)

    4 . Despite everyone thinking that this field makes good income, I must tell you it is relative you can make a decent income only after many years invested in it creating aND building a trustworthy relationship and a good reputation with families in your community.

    5. Unless you're in Toronto (I think), be ready for not making a potential projected income based in caring 5 children. It usually at the beginning starts with one or two children and some times three and then evetually based in your reputation enrollment increases (but this is not the case of many caregivers). Consider if only operating with two making approx. $10 to 13 hr is good for you (considering that a minimum wage is a bit more than that and you have a business degree i certain to say that you can make more in that field. But if childcare is your calling then go ahead and eventually you'll also learn the perks of the childcare business.

    6. Currently in Ontario is only allowed two under two babies (many caregiver were closing because of that regulation and also their own 4 and 5 years old count in their ratio. (Hopefully that will change we will know by the end of this month).

    7. If you go through agencies be informed that, they might help fiding families but at least $10 of each every day goes to the agency commission ex. If the rate independently operated homedaycare is in your area $50 (including two snacks and lunch and all crafts and extra activities you offer) and agency has a cap rate of $45 to parents and i think wee watch is even more (it is a for profit agency and I'm not sure with the other one ), currently agencies are paying to caregivers up to $35 but it could also be less than that and you still have to offer at least the two snacks an lunch and crafts etc.

    8. Agencies do not have any obligation in filling up your spots it will depend in the demand in your area.

    9. Try to ask to caregivers in your area too. Try to become familiar with all this before you start.

    I hope it helps,


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