hey guys! I would love some insight on this.

I have been in the home daycare field for quite a while now. I run unlicensed. I do everything by the books, have always had success and it has been a positive experience.

I am considering moving my daycare to a different location. To a community hall which is zoned properly and ready to go. I will be paying rent but I am excited for the freedom back in my home. It would be insured of course.

Anyway, my question is,
does anyone know if an "unlicensed home daycare" can run out of a place that isn't a home? I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure this out on the government websites.

I live in Ontario.
I do know of an unlicensed daycare that runs out of a church. This gives me hope.
Anyway, any help is greatly appreciated!!!!