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    Potty Training Struggle

    I have a 3 year old girl in my care that I am having a struggle with. She has been potty training for a very long time, parents say she is 100% at home with no accidents and can go out on errands and visits without trouble. Here at daycare, she shows zero interest in using the potty, no initiating at all. I have been asking her to try potty 6-8 times a day, hoping she will catch some success then she would be eager for more. but I can sit her on the potty, then 10 minutes late she pees her pants. she is not bothered at all by her accidents, she just changes her pants and carries on. if I dont tell her to try potty, she doesnt, she just pees her pants. Her parents feel she must be uncomfortable. I dont know how i am to make her more comfortable. the bathroom is bright and open, very accessible. i have a potty seat and stool
    This child really has no interest in using the potty here, she is the oldest in my care right now so the only one. I have tried to give lots of praise and encouragement, but feel like its falling flat.
    I have never had little ones so uninterested. usually after a couple happy pee in the potty dances they are happy to go
    any ideas

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    I've been having similar issue with my eldest DCB who is almost 3 who does go at home in potty He tells me he wants to lay down and be changed just like his other little friends at daycare. I've been encouraging him that he's so wonderfully bigger than his younger friends... I tell him that if I don't have to change everybody, there's more time to do fun activities.. I have stickers/stamps in the bathroom just for trying. He's just now starting to get interested here and letting go of notion he has to be same as his friends.
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    If a child is really potty trained at home but having accidents in day care, at three years old, it's a conscious decision not to go to the washroom.

    You have to make it so it's more inconvenient to the child when they have an accident than it is to just use the washroom.

    They get their bag in their wet/soiled clothes. They take their bag/spare clothes back to the washroom. They undress themselves, wipe themselves down, redress with fresh clothes. It takes them as long as it takes them. Don't say anything negative but the clear consequence of having an accident is a natural consequence - i.e. they miss out on all the fun while they have the inconvenience of dealing with their choice.

    Make sure there's lots of giggling and fun going on while they are changing that the child is missing out on. Bring out that child's favourite toys so they truly are missing out. Call out verbal encouragement/instructions if needed but do not go and rescue the child from the consequence by helping them. If they have made a puddle on the floor, then hand them the wet mop too.

    Don't be negative. Don't rescue the child. Positive encouragement with their consequence but verbal only. Don't show them up. Once they are changed and in fresh clothes and have put their wet/soiled clothes in a bag to go home and cleaned up, then have a little chat with the child and remind them that it would have been quicker to use the washroom successfully and that would have given them more time joining in with their friends and you are sorry they missed out on so much fun while getting changed. Missing out a few times is normally enough for them to connect the dots between their action and consequences.

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