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Thread: Advice

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    Hi everyone,
    I'm looking for some advice. Recently I have taken on a 12 month old. When his mom first met with me she said the kid was a great sleeper and eats pretty much anything.
    NOW that he is with me I've learned that he doesn't sleep through the night, gets up at 4am and won't nap longer than 30 mins. He doesn't eat much and refuses to drink anything. He gets here at 7am and all he does is cry and winged pretty much all day. Wen he wakes from his 30min nap he screams histerically but stops as soon as u go to pick him up. Never has a tear even with all the crying. He is very hard work and I just don't know what to do.
    I can tell the kid is EXHAUSTED but he just can't/won't sleep.
    I really am going crazy trying to think of ideas to help fix this situation, but I'm also frustrated with the mom as she was not honest at all, it's everyday the dad gives me more information as to how the kid actually is.
    Any advice, please.
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    I had experiences with a family that said things that initially appeased my concerns in the interview, only to find out later that what they said was the truth stretched quite far. After having both their children for 4 months, I gave them their notice last week & the next day they pulled them out. If parents aren’t willing to work with you (& by “work with you” I mean not lying & willing to work together), then I would definitely terminate. I put off terminating this family for months because I loved both of their children, but I just couldn’t do it anymore.

    Do it for your sanity, for the other children in your care (if there are any), & for his as well.

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    Thanks for the advice. It seems like the mom does everything for the kid, he won't hold a bottle or cup by himself, and as soon as he crystal he gets picked up. I have 2 other kids in my care also and it's just frustrating for them as we had a great routine until this.
    He's been here for 3 weeks now so I'll let it go for another week or so and see how it goes. If no improvement I'll give them notice.
    I feel bad as it's not the kids fault.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chunky monkey View Post
    so I'll let it go for another week or so and see how it goes. If no improvement I'll give them notice.
    In my experience, even when the behaviour improves & the adjustment period starts to end when the child settles in, the willingness of the parents to work with you won’t really change. So just keep that in mind when making your decision. Everyone is different & some providers may be ok with tolerating certain things that others wouldn’t, but I myself wouldn’t want to work with a family that wasn’t willing to work with me, no matter how well behaved the child was. The foundation begins there, if parents & provider are all on the same page it makes things generally way easier.

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    Maybe he need to get used to yop, wait for a few days

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