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    Childbirth & Vacation Days

    I have a parent who is due in a couple of months & will be having a scheduled c-section & they are wanting to use their vacation days for her recovery time, & my concern is with when & how they want it to begin.

    I have in my handbook that to use their unpaid 2 week vacation time I have to be given a minimum of 2 weeks notice. Since mom has a scheduled c-section date, she said her midwife said it could also be before that scheduled date, & mom is not wanting her vacation time to start on a specific date. She is wanting DCG to come right until whatever date they give her (she might not know until a few days before), & she has given me a general week of when it could be without a specific date. This could get very confusing in terms of payments, as payments are made every 2 weeks to cover the following 2 weeks of care. If I allowed mom to take her vacation time on the spot with almost no notice (could be a couple of days), then this could make invoices very confusing for the month of May.

    I have never experienced a situation like this the few months Iíve been open. Part of me feels like I should allow her to just begin her vacation time on the spot & to be compassionate since itís a significant moment in their lives, but the other part of me wants to tell her that she cannot use it on the spot, & that it would have to begin on a specific date. I have been kind in the past with this family on a few occasions in the beginning & I was taken advantage of.

    What would you guys do?
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    I assume the child will be returning after the birth, after the vacation time is used? Or does the birth act as their end date?

    If the child is returning, then if they have already paid they have already paid. Just note when payments are and when the child is away, then when they return use up the remaining paid days and unpaid vacation days before next payment is made.

    As much as it is kind to allow them to use this time for the birth of their child it is way to much work to be refunding money at random when the child finally does arrive. Just make note of what paid days remain and subtract those days from next payment to balance it out.

    Do let them know that since the lack of firm date complicates matters you will use the above plan and lay it out so their are no surprises.

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    Yes, their DCG will be returning afterwards.

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    I think this is a good idea

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    I agree with the above suggestion, of not refunding any payment, just holding it for the next invoice.
    If that doesn't work for you, then I would explain to them now that you will not be refunding any payment and that you will be sticking to your policy and they can start their vacation days 2 weeks later.

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    [QUOTE]I have in my handbook that to use their unpaid 2 week vacation time I have to be given a minimum of 2 weeks notice.*/QUOTE]

    Hi, I'm a bit confused. You explained that you're open just few month's open. My humble sugestion would be, to review your handbook.

    Does it means that every family you have in care has to let you know with just two weeks in advance in whatever date is their choise? Meaning that if you're full house five families in care you have 5 potential vacation dates? (That would not allow you to have your own vacation time and honestly in this field of work you need your vacation time. I have in my contract that my daycare closes two weeks in the summer (dates to be disclosed by January so, they have time to arrange their own vac. Time the same dates or other options) I haven't encountered any issues with that yet, actually parents are grateful in knowing this way ahead so, we all take a break.

    Usually by doing so, they must likely won't need or use other care.

    This could get very confusing in terms of payments, as payments are made every 2 weeks to cover the following 2 weeks of care.*
    My system works differently. But, Analizing yours. You're right it can get confusing. But, this won't be the first time your encounter this kind of situation. You'll learn as challenges come. You'll have parents part time (sometimes because of mat leave or just families that need your support, etc), you'll also have children growing and when they leave going to school their transition is not right away sometimes takes two weeks of only two days or three days etc. Obviously, it will be up to you to accept those situations or not. I had faced all these situations (part timers, school ages, preschools, etc) I basically did it to built a reputation the more people knew my services the better for me.

    My only way to organize was to record the days in a calendar every day. And send my invoice with the total of used days and that was it. Now it is even easier it is all done electronically.

    If you get payment in advance you can balance it with your calendar and tell them which days are covered and which days aren't. Keep your calendar visual for them to see it too. I use to send a note like this:

    Ex. Your #.....cheque dated....... has covered those dates ..........of the .........month.

    And I will use the same format and just send it by email as soon as they reply it was a confirmation. This would also help those parents to know how many more days they have covered or if they need to send another cheque. The calendar made it easy even for my accounts.

    I hope it helps;0)

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