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Thread: No naps request

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    No naps request

    I recently started home daycare.

    Theres a child here turns 4 next month. Has only been coming to me for a month. She told me I used to nap at (her old daycare) but now that I am coming to this daycare mommy told me I dont nap anymore

    Ive been noticing behaviour issues now, so today I layed her down and she passed out and has been sleeping for 40 minutes.

    Im not sure how to bring it up, if to bring it up, Im now going to have a manditory 30 minute minimum rest for the daycare children. Which another thing Im not sure how to address that Im making it mandatory.

    I am just starting out. My previous experiences with children were with sick children. So there has been a small adjustment. I just dont see a almost 4 year old lying about her mom telling her she doesnt nap anymore.

    Ive tried to have chats with the parents but they just want to get out of here.

    Thanks in advance

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    Ive had issues like this before with my first family (whos child I still care for & is now 18 months). Although it wasnt in my handbook that it was, I gave notice that I was changing the policy to include mandatory naptime which would be effective on X date. The family knew they had two options: to accept it or to find other arrangements. I always inform parents verbally & then send out an email detailing & reiterating what I had told them in person so that there are never any confusions about the conversations are, & so that there is always a trail of these conversations being had. For emails that include significant information including changes to anything or anything I would think COULD be important in the future, I always ask parents at the end of the email to respond to the email acknowledging that its been seen & read so no one could ever say they never received an email.

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    Just ask the Mom if you want her daughter to have naps when she is in your care. Tell her you've been noticing how tired she is and ask her want she wants you to do. At 4 years old though I'm assuming she'll be going to school in september? Maybe the mom wants to wean her off naps. It's a process for sure though. If she naps at your place, then she stays up late at night and then she's tired when she gets to you and then she naps...it's a vicious cycle lol I would suggest stopping the naps, she'll be exhausted by the end of the night, she'll go to bed early and be refreshed in the morning. It'll take some time to get used to the new schedule for everyone involved. I would tell the mom that you will be starting "body breaks". That gives the child time to look at books, snuggle with a stuffy/blanket. If the little girl happens to fall asleep then I would suggest waking her up after the 30 min.

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