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    Exclamation What to charge for before and after school

    Hi there!

    I live in Guelph, Ontario and I'm just wondering what some of the going rates are. I take kids in the morning from 7:00am-8:30am and in the afternoon from 3:15-5:30. The kids and I are always playing games and keeping ourselves busy. Weather permitting, we are at the park everyday! In winter and on rainy days we watch 1 movie once a week. Snacks are always offered (grain, fruit/veg & dairy). On their birthdays they get special treats! I'm currently charging $10 before and $10 after. I feel like it's just not enough. I want to be fair to the parents and myself. I don't want to gouge them but I also don't want to undersell myself. I'm good dammit! lol I don't charge for any school closures but I do charge for sick days. I've been doing care for 6 years and I have never changed my rates. Can anyone please give me some advise? i'm losing sleep over this

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    You’ll have to check with other local providers or see what the range is for the after school programs in your home schools. Try inputting your postal code into the daycare bear search engine and see what comes up.
    If your hours are longer in the afternoon, that price should be increased.
    In my area of Halton, home providers are $25-30 a day. Not sure what the market is like in Guelph, but I think you’re under charging for the afternoons.
    Also, in my area, afternoon care is in very high demand and hard to find, so often providers will charge $18-20 just for the afternoon care( if the parents don’t want the morning)
    A space is still a space in our total of 5 kids, so don’t under value yourself for a child that only brings in a small fraction of a full day child.
    Many providers have gotten away from before/ after care, as sometimes it’s not really cost effective after supplying crafts and snacks( I’ve had kids eat 2-3 servings of morning and afternoon snack)

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    Thank you Busy ECE Mommy!

    I considered raising my rate in the PM to $15. And keeping my AM rate at $10. I think Iím just afraid that all the families will walk away. That said, there are only 2 providers in my area that are doing care. The other one charges $12 before and $15 after. I just feel bad. I hate discussing money and I cringe every time. Our school doesnít offer before/after school care. So there isnít many options. When our school sent out a survey asking what parents would be interested in it the letter said that the fees in the AM would range around $7-$10 and the PM rate would be $11-$17. If enough families would be interested in it, the school would implement it. So my thought is, why wouldnít the families go the school way (if itís offered). The school would Possibly be cheaper, more reliable (alothough in 6 years I have NEVER had a sick day). Iím just scared everyone will leave

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