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    What docs do you give to parents at the interview?

    I haven't done a contract or deposit before (stupid, I know), but I'm getting back to work after mat leave and want to get started on the right foot. What paperwork do you give to parents right away? contract, medical, off premises permission, media...??? or just the contract and other stuff later? And what all do you include in you contract - just fee related or??? Thanks!!

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    check out Running a High Quality Home Daycare Business it has free samples of contracts, policies and forms.

    during the interview I give them my references, a print out of my fees and that's it.

    Everything else they need to view is on my website. (saves paper this way)
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    I give a generic contract and the policy handbook after arranging to meet - before interview. Gives them time to read it all properly.

    Then, if I want them and they want the space, I take an enrollment fee and issue a receipt for that with SIN number and all the information that would be on a tax receipt. And I require a signed contract which is based on the generic one they have seen but with their details, child's name, parents name and address, days registered for care, any special agreements, which has to be signed before I'll hold the space. Once I have the signed contract, I add my signature and immediately issue them with a copy. I keep the original.

    I also have a private FB group for current clients where the handbook and any public health guidelines and pertinent information is always available.

    The of course, tax receipts every year by mid-January but if someone leaves my care during the year (aging out for school Sept etc.), then they get their receipt on their last day since they pay in advance and all funds would have been received.

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    I don’t hand out any documents during an interview.
    They have been given my website link after contacting me, and then I do a lengthy phone interview to screen them to see if we’re a good fit for one another.
    Then I meet the family at my home.
    They generally let me know if they want the space in less than 24 hours, and I take a deposit and get them to do a contract over the next few days.
    I don’t give out references until I know that this is a family I want in my care.

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    So you just require a signed contract to start care, no other forms?
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    1. I use a clear concise and point form contract.

    2. It depends, most of my clients come through references and they already come with the idea of taking the spot. (So. I always have contracts printed in hand) or ready to send by email.

    3. If I accept other clients out if my circle (completely new without knowing me). I invite them for an interview (usually during a weekend day so, there isn't any distractions and we speak focused on the subject. (Explanation on how all is operated in the daycare and what their expectations are etc, questions and answers) I absolutely recommend to new families not to get lost in trying to take notes or copy parts of my contract. All the general inf. Is given by email too.

    4. I usually give them time to think and not sign up on the spot (unless we know each other already)

    5. Basically I do not give anything the first interview, we move forward only if they show serious interest (and they also know that. I do not spend or bother my references for non serious inquires or for any interview I have)

    6. I give an open line of communication to reach me and ask all the questions that might arise after the interview.

    7. Once they know and I know we can work together then they send their confirmation, and I send through email my contract (and this still for further perusal) but once they confirm it is all clear then I send 2 to 3 reference numbers (they have already given heads up and also in some cases with scheduled time to call). After that they send all the paperwork signed and a cheque or online deposit.

    8. My contract is very short, but as I'm currently jnder the umbrella of an agency, we added an Outdoor policy, medical and media authorization and a general fill in format that containes all the childs and family inf. A copy of this format I carry in my emergency contacts bag.

    All the formats are also concrete and clear. Point form.

    I guess in your situation (parents ready to sign in) you must make a receipt for their security deposit and let them know that within a week you'll send all the forms and contract ready for their perusal and sign.
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