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Thread: Trial Period?

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    Trial Period?

    What do you all think of doing a trial period for new clients? I like the idea of it and I think it would give parents piece of mind, but I'm nervous about the implications to my financial stability.

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    I don't do one. They can hand in their termination notice at anytime. The lose their deposit as they haven't been here long enough for it to go towards their last two weeks of care.

    I have heard from a few providers that do trail periods, some love it and others don't.

    You risk clients using you, for however long the trail period is for, while they look for another provider (closer, cheaper etc). But then again, you risk this even without a trail period.

    personally I don't see the point. They either like us enough to send their child or they hate us enough not to send their child. Trial period or not, they will leave whenever its convent to them.

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    I don't do one. I know only one provider who does it and to be honest, IMO, it's a get out of jail free card for her if a transition is a little tricky.

    There's no need to do a trail if you've interviewed properly and eliminated non-suitable potential client's. If your paperwork is in order, then they have signed up to them and agreed to your policies as part of the contract of service.

    Any other reason for wanting to let them go (non-payment, abusive parents, aggressive child) should all be covered in contract.

    To me, it's unprofessional and make me think that if a child is "too tricky" the provider can wash their hands of their decision. It makes no sense to me.

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    I don’t do trial periods any more. I found people used to use it as temporary care in between waiting to get into a centre. After all the effort it takes to transition an infant, i didn’t want that as an option anymore. I can still terminate if parents don’t comply with the contract.
    I need one month’s notice to leave my care, so if they leave before that, then they lose the deposit.

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    Thanks for your input, I think I'll do without for now.

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    Hi. No I do not do any trial periods. But thinking deep about it, I guess we all are in a "trial period " our contracts cover only a month others two weeks to withdraw:0))

    So, even if a contract is signed, unfortunately in our field there isn't any such yearly security. Even centres are in the same situation.

    Parents have all the rights to pick and choose or also change. Same as caregivers, we can pick and choose or also change at any time.
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