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Fraser Montessori Daycare Center (Marine Way)

Daycare centre / preschool

Not available,
New Westminster, V3M2E4
British Columbia, Canada
Edith Ziolkiewicz
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+4 Childcare provider: Edith Ziolkiewicz

I obtained services from this daycare centre / preschool and I find that:

"We have been a part of Fraser Montessori Daycare for the past 5 years and we have nothing but wonderful things to say. Both of my children graduated from Edith's program and walked right into kindergarten with ease. Edith's curriculum really prepares kids for the next step in learning. Both of my kids enjoyed the Montessori activities, yoga, field trips and special visits from musicians.

Edith has been working with children for many many years and her experience really shows. A number of times we went to her for advice and she always took the time to listen and really followed through on helping us overcome some of our growing pains. My children both adored and respected her.

The school is very clean and there is plenty of room for the children to learn and play. We always felt confident in leaving our kids at the centre.

I highly recommend Fraser Montessori Daycare!!"
Liz (24.114.27....), Sep 8th 2017
+4 Childcare provider: Edith Ziolkiewicz

I obtained services from this daycare centre / preschool and I find that:

"2 of my children attended the infant/ toddler/ preschool programs and thrived. They have been taught life skills at an early age and loved by these providers as family members. I have no doubt countless children have benefited from Fraser Montessori like mine and I look forward to baby #3 being a part of the program. It has been a clean, safe, and fun environment all around! Thank you and with much gratitude, Serena"
Serena Kutcher (174.7.39....), Jun 16th 2017
+4 Childcare provider: Edith Ziolkiewicz

I obtained services from this daycare centre / preschool and I find that:

"My child who is 20 months old, recently attended Fraser Montessori marine way centre. The entire procedure of making my child & me accustomed to the centre was so smooth. Gradual entry, followed by daily reports of my child's progress. I was super impressed. Within s week he started singing new songs, saying numbers and shapes . They have awesome curriculum that gets the toddlers ready for kindergarten. I highly recommend this centre. They have loving and caring staff and the director Ms.Edith is herself lovely person who loves children and is always available to talk."
Kiran (72.143.226....), Aug 5th 2016
+4 Childcare provider: Edith Ziolkiewicz

I met with this daycare centre / preschool and I find that:

"My Daughter who is now in Kindergarten attended Fraser Montessori for almost 3 years.
It took me along time to find a place where I felt comfortable and at ease to leave my child for a long period of time but I knew once I met with Edith and toured the School I made the right decision.

The curriculum and schedule that the teachers use was a huge part in the success of my Daughters learning and preparing for Kindergarten.

I highly recommend this daycare to any of my family or friends.
The work Edith and her staff does is incredible, and I will be forever great full for the amazing care they provided my child."
Ashley (205.250.42....), Jan 17th 2015
+4 Childcare provider: Edith Ziolkiewicz

I obtained services from this daycare centre / preschool and I find that:

"As our daughter's first daycare/preschool we couldn't be happier. Ms Edith and all of the teachers were very supportive helping our family through the transition and now our daughter can't wait to go to class. We love the wide range of programs provided including French, yoga, music and movement, in addition to the Montessori programs. The facility is superb and always well taken care of. As a busy working family we are grateful for the option of a hot meal at lunch. Overall a great school."
Shauna (70.71.128....), Dec 31st 2014
+4 Childcare provider: Edith Ziolkiewicz

I obtained services from this daycare centre / preschool and I find that:

"My daughter has been going to Fraser Montessori for a year now. I am very happy with the program here and my daughter's development. I can see the difference from one day to the next. The curriculum and activities are good. The kids also learn French besides they usual Montessori work. The daycare is clean and well cared for. It was built from the beginning as a daycare centre so it was planned well with a lot of space and lots of windows. So the kids get a lot of natural light. They also have a big room downstairs to play when it's raining and a partly covered courtyard. I also like the fact that they serve hot lunches and they have kid's height sinks and toilets. There is the park across the street, but also the kids go on a lot of fieldtrips. The centre has their own school bus. The teachers are great and when you walk in the class you can see that they are really involved with working with the kids and not just supervising them. Over all I am very happy with this centre and I can see that my daughter is too."
Cami Mezo (216.123.157....), Dec 16th 2014
+4 Childcare provider: Edith Ziolkiewicz

I obtained services from this daycare centre / preschool and I find that:

"It is evident from when you first visit Ms. Edith's Fraser Montessori sites that there is pride and great detail put into her centers. From the the loving nature of the teachers, the diversity in the children, the high quality activities/toys that are available to the kids and the ongoing interest in each child's needs, Ms. Edith is central to this and the success in our child's development. Both my husband and I are in the healthcare field, and we are confident that our son is receiving high quality child care in a group setting that compliments our parenting at home. We thank Ms. Edith for her genuine attention and interest in her many children who attend the centers and appreciate her professionalism in all regards."
Nishi (64.180.1....), Nov 23rd 2014
+4 Childcare provider: Edith Ziolkiewicz

I obtained services from this daycare centre / preschool and I find that:

"My son has been attending Fraser Montessori daycare for 8 mths and I am very please with the service. My son loves going to the daycare and somedays it's even hard to take him back home. The method is very effective and the teachers attentive to my son's needs. My son started 2.5 yrs old and in a few mths he knew the complete alphabet. At 3 yrs and 1 mth he has able ro read some words and write his name (and type too). Last week I noticed him singing and counting in French.

- educational method
- French class
- yoga and gymnastics
- there is a park across the street and they have a backyard where the children can play in the winter
- hours of operation
- more than 1 teacher per classroom
- they offer lunch

- the price is higher than most daycares"
Luis (24.114.39....), Nov 7th 2013
+4 Childcare provider: Edith

I obtained services from this daycare centre / preschool and I find that:

"Dear Ms. Edith

I want to take this opportunity to say a very big THANKYOU to you and Ms. Rumika for all that you have done for Brady.

Last year going into Kindergarten, Brady was very well prepared and I was so happy he was continuing on in a Montessori Setting or else he would have been bored just learning the ABC's and 123's as he was already reading and doing simple arithmetic by the end of his preschool year - one mother even commented he was reading at at Grade 2 level.

I was a bit hesitant when you asked him to come to your school in the afternoon after his morning Kindergarten class at the other school (we didn't have full year Kindergarten yet) as I wasn't sure if he would find it too much or if he would be too tired by the end of the day but I trusted your judgement and let him try coming to your school for the afternoon class and I am so glad he did as he progressed so much more and learned more than he did in the other school.

Each day he would bring his work home and I was amazed to see him doing addition, subtraction, multiplication and then division and finally fractions at the end of the school year and he enjoyed doing it. I also can't believe he knows his cursive writing as usually they only teach that at Grade 3. As you two have been working with him since he was 3 or 4 years old you know his limitations and also when to push him, looking back its amazing how well he is drawing pictures now since for about 1 year all I saw him bring back were pictures of fish and the occasional gingerbread or truck. I remember talking to you about it and you mentioned that you asked him if he wanted to draw something else and he said no - he just wanted to draw a fish and you never pushed him. By the end of the year he was so confident drawing fish that all of a sudden he started expanding his drawing skills and drew whatever was on his mind. I loved how you made booklets for him so he could write a story and draw pictures for those stories - I have kept them all - they are priceless.

I could go on and on as both of you have done so much to establish a fantastic and solid foundation of education and learning. In Grade 1 he is doing very well and he has a love for learning. His teacher had a booklet for Grade 1 math and he looked at it and said - this is too easy - and asked if he could do the Grade 2 booklet. He continues to read all the time and loves it. My daughter who also came to your school learned to read early (before kindergarten) and still loves reading - sometimes I can't get her to put her book down.

As a parent, we have to be careful with whom we leave our children with everyday especially when they are young as they are at a critical age where they are at an influential age. They are like sponges and learn everything around them - good or bad. I was so blessed to find your preschool as each day I left Brady at the school I knew in my heart that I was leaving him in very good hands - that you and Ms. Rumika would take care of him as if he was your own son and you would teach him not only educational skills but everyday life skills as well - even as simple as washing your hands, putting their coats and shoes away, putting things away in their proper place after using them, to being courteous to other people and learning how to be a good friend. He still loves singing the songs he learned at your school too.

If there are parents you know who are considering sending their kids to your school please tell them that I highly recommend your school - it is not easy out there to find someone who will take great care of their child. Every day that I left Brady at your school I had peace of mind that he was being well taken care of and at the same time learning and not just playing. My sister was the one who introduced me to the Montessori Method of teaching and she explained that kids even as young as 2 1/2 or 3 are like sponges and this is the time to really start to educate them as they pick things up so easily and this is the time to start giving them a solid foundation of learning and education. Now that my kids are older, I fully agree with this.

Thank you once again for all you have done for Brady and I hope many more kids come to your school as you truly have a gift for teaching and caring for young children.

Anonymous (50.98.234....), Oct 19th 2011
Daycare in New Westminster

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