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Heart & Home (Cindy's) Childcare (licensed)

Family / home daycare,

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Georgetown, L7G1G9
Ontario, Canada
Cindy Lukas
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+4 Childcare provider: Cindy Lukas

I obtained services from this family / home daycare, dayhome and I find that:

"Cindy is an exceptional childcare provider who, over the past 3 years played an instrumental role in our daughter's development. She is consistent in her approach to ensuring the developmental needs of the child are put first and on more than one occasion has made a specific reference for opportunities where our daughter could benefit such as a new puzzle (problem-solving) or book or activity.

Cindy also exposes the children to different activities outside of the daycare such as trips to local farms, gymnastics, EarlyON Centre weekly trips. Each child celebrates their birthday in a special way and she focuses on the interpersonal relationship dynamics amongst the children which assist them in navigating their feelings while developing into preschoolers.

As a working Mother, it is difficult to be everything all the time. We felt confident that our daughter was in good hands with someone who was safe, reliable and absolutely loves children.

We are going to miss her once our daughter starts JK in the fall."
Michelle M (107.190.117....), Mar 27th 2019
+4 Childcare provider: Cindy Lukas

I obtained services from this family / home daycare, dayhome and I find that:

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Cindy and the care that she provides. She offers such a comforting environment for the children (and parents too!). Cindy has a genuine passion for childcare - and it is apparent in everything she does with and for the kids. She is committed to her continuous learning in early childhood education - always attending seminars and educational sessions on her personal evening time. It's no wonder that with this dedication and her many years of experience she always seems to know what to do and how to handle every situation.
Our son loves spending time with Cindy.
The outings and adventures she that she takes the children on include everything from nature walks, parks, early years centre, splash pad, apple orchard, strawberry picking and more!

I always know that our son will get nutritious and delicious meals and snacks. Of course there are certain meals that I just can't quite make like Cindy does! She goes out of her way to make each child's favorites too!

We feel so lucky to have found Cindy - childcare is such a big part of life and I can't imagine the last three years without her. She has been so amazing that we are sad to accept the fact that when our son goes off to kindergarten in the fall we won't see her everyday!"
Marisa Ruhlman (24.114.78....), May 13th 2017
+4 Childcare provider: Cindy Lukas

I obtained services from this family / home daycare, dayhome and I find that:

"I don't know if I can put into words the praise this wonderful caregiver deserves, but I will try!
I met Cindy 5 years ago when she started to care for my oldest son and it wasn't long before my whole family, especially my son fell in love with her and all she does for the children in her care. If you are looking for someone caring, professional, reliable, passionate and trustworthy this is who you want.
I am a registered nurse and am constantly working with children under six studying the newest research and evidence to help our children in our community thrive and the things Cindy does day-to-day with the children in her care impress all my colleagues! From meal time to play time to circle time she does it all and does it above and beyond anything you could imagine.
The outings she brings the children on are more than you will find at any other daycare centre; splash pad, picnics, nature walks, apple picking, strawberry picking, mall entertainment events, library programs, early years centre and gymnastics are just a few of the things she does with the children year round.
Her food is according to my son "the best" I have learned I cannot compete with Cindy's cooking.
Potty training, she does that too- my oldest son was trained in 2 days and my youngest in 4 days!
We love Cindy so much we were thrilled when my youngest son was also able to get a spot in her daycare! We have been with Cindy for 5 years and out of the 5 years she has only closed once and it was due to the ice storm when none of Georgetown had power, but she was still willing to take the boys if I needed to get to work; you won't find dedication like this anywhere else.
My oldest son thrived in JK this year and I know if was mostly because of Cindy and all the preparation work she did with him every day.
I truly feel like I am a better parent because I met Cindy. She gives great advice, an ear that is always willing to listen and she sets such great examples of what to do during those testing 2 and 3 yr old years.
I honestly do not know what I would have done if I never met Cindy. I am forever grateful for all and the love she provided to my family and I over the past 5 years.
Erica M"
Erica M (99.230.188....), Apr 21st 2017
+4 Childcare provider: Cindy Lukas

I obtained services from this family / home daycare, dayhome and I find that:

"When looking for daycare for our first child, one of my criteria was that I needed to feel like I could put him down in the living room with the childcare provider and feel like I could leave. We looked at a lot of daycares and Cindy's was the only place where I felt like I would be comfortable doing that. When looking for daycare for our second and third children, we did not hesitate putting them with Cindy as well.
We are impressed with Cindy's caring and kind nature. She absolutely and genuinely loves what she does. She is also very organized with outings, indoor and outdoor play, menus, and a curriculum to suit your child.
Our third child has moved onto kindergarten, but we've had 8 great years with Cindy in total. My kids all still talk about her and to her. She has had a wonderful and lasting impact on them.
We were and are still happy with our decision to have her look after them all."
Tina (24.157.74....), Oct 7th 2015
+4 Childcare provider: Cindy Lukas

I obtained services from this family / home daycare, dayhome and I find that:

"Cindy is an absolutely wonderful childcare provider. We were so fortunate to have her look after our first child from age 1 all the way into Kindergarten. Our daughter was so happy and engaged with Cindy's daycare that she often asked to go there on the weekends!

Cindy also became part of our extended family. She is an excellent communicator and provides wonderful feedback and emails with respect to our child's development, her activities and how to further encourage growth. I travel for my job so getting these messages while away was so special and positive.

Cindy is very organized and professional but also very personable. Her credentials are unsurpassed and it really shows in her work. She spends a lot of time on her programming so there is a seemingly endless amount activities for the children, both as a group and individually. Cindy has a very energetic personality and plans many regular events including outings to local farms, OEYC, the Fire Station, indoor playgrounds and many more. We found our daughter to be so enriched with Cindy’s programs that we often learned new things from her!

It was evident to us right from the beginning that Cindy is invested to provide the best care, nourishment and opportunities for her daycare children and their families. We have made some lasting friendships with the other children’s families through Cindy as well which is wonderful for us and our children.

My daughter started JK recently and was more than ready for school thanks to Cindy’s great work. We will forever treasure Cindy with all our hearts."
Lisa Denham (24.157.126....), Sep 18th 2014
+4 Childcare provider: Cindy Lukas

I obtained services from this family / home daycare, dayhome and I find that:

"I heard about Cindy through my Mom’s boss, she sent her child to her(5-6 years ago!) and just raved about her.
I contacted Cindy while I was still pregnant and requested to be added to her waiting list.
By the time I was ready to go back to work luck was on our side, a spot had just opened up and we were able to go for an interview.
I really was impressed with the way that Cindy was also “interviewing” us, she said ..”It’s important that not only your son fits well with us, but that you do too since you’ll be ‘interacting’ with the children as well when you pick him up”

Her home is just that…a home!
I truly feel like I am leaving my son with a family member, she is warm, loving, and firm when she needs to be, and I love her for all of those things!
Cindy is, from what I’ve seen elsewhere, not your “average” provider.
She does so many wonderful things with the kids, takes them on walks, special outings, the learning centre, and has rooms dedicated to the children for learning and playing.
My son is advancing wonderfully, and much of that is through Cindy’s teaching, and encouraging him to learn through play.

Cindy communicates really well with the parents and encourages feedback, she is open to changes (not that any is needed!) and always gives me an update as to how their day went.
The nutritious meals and snacks provided reassures me that he is getting what he needs in that way.

Cindy is constantly adding to her education and curriculum for the children, and her hard work shows through in my son.
Cindy takes her job very seriously, and it shows, my son absolutely adores her and loves to visit his friends!

I could write a novel about how amazing she is at her job and how lucky your child would be to benefit from her care…but I’m pretty sure you already got that!


One Happy Parent!!"
Jennifer Rasberry (76.65.228....), Jul 17th 2013
+4 Childcare provider: Cindy Lukas

I obtained services from this family / home daycare, dayhome and I find that:

"When Cindy became our daycare provider over eight years ago, she also became part of our extended family. Cindy cared for both of our boys in the most loving, caring, and professional way. We interviewed many daycare providers but knew the moment we met Cindy that she would be a perfect fit for our family.

Cindy provides a warm, home environment full of nurturance and learning opportunities. We really appreciated the effort Cindy makes to take the kids out on trips to the Early Years Centre and other outings. Most of all, we really valued Cindy's continual attention to our child's development and emotional well-being. Both of our boys have some special needs and Cindy was proactively involved in solving problems and coming up with solutions. It was reassuring to know that Cindy is always looking for ways to learn and grow and she is actively involved in professional development.

The only other person I feel as comfortable leaving my boys with is my own mother!"
Kim Campbell (65.93.108....), Jun 23rd 2011
+4 Childcare provider: Cindy

I obtained services from this family / home daycare, dayhome and I find that:

"We used Cindy for our first child, and did not hesitate at all in putting our second child there as well. She is a warm and caring person and provides a safe, educational and fun environment for the kids. The kids love the activities and outings she plans for them, as well as interacting with the other kids there.

She is always open to suggestion and communicates well with us about what is going on or activitites they've done. We really like that she does walks, indoor and outdoor play, has different areas of the house dedicated to them, does educational activitites, provides weekly menus, has a curriculum that she follows. She takes her job seriously and sincerely loves the kids and what she does."
Tina Carlisle (72.39.40....), Jan 19th 2011
+4 Childcare provider: Cindy Lukas

I obtained services from this family / home daycare, dayhome and I find that:

"I have had Cindy's help with both of my children and have found her care to be excellent. She is dedicated to the children and works with the families to help smooth out those challenges in life that go beyond the day care, like transitioning in a new baby or working through the terrible 2s!

Cindy has been a tremendous help to us and has provided an excellent learning-through-play environment for both of our children. We would give her the highest recommendation. We feel that she has truly made a difference in the emotional and educational development of our children, as well as helping us through the learning curve of being parents. She is the built-in guidance manual that babies should come with!"
Sarah Palmer (146.131.120....), Mar 17th 2009
Daycare in Georgetown

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