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  1. y name is LJ. Are you by any chance located in Ottawa ? I was chatting with a Mum the other day, and she has twin girls. She's looking for a caregiver for both of them. If you're in my area I could pass along your contact info. P.S. I think terming the "biter brothers" is the answer. My fear would be that you could lose one of your "good" families if this continues. I know what you mean about feeling bad about interviewing for spots when you already have a family occupying said spots. You know what though ? I've learned that most families will do what is in their best interests and lose no sleep over how it affects me (i.e. signing child up for daycare knowing that Mom was 4 months pregnant, and after we discussed the fact that I prefer not to do short term care) I would never paint all families with the same negative brush - BUT - you need to look out for yourself, and all of the children in your care. =)
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